Halloween chocolate biscuits

After watching a double bill of Halloween 4 and Suspiria on Saturday night, I was definitely in the mood for a bit of seasonal baking on Sunday morning. I opted for chocolate biscuits using an excellent recipe from the Nigella Christmas book where the biccies are topped with festive-coloured hundreds and thousands (which, inexplicably, seem to be referred to as nonpareils in countries outside of the UK).

In keeping with the current season, I used some orange and black hundreds and thousands from Wilton that I tracked down in a US Target store last October.

The best thing about these sweet snacks, as with many of the best chocolate cakes and biscuits, is that they don’t actually contain any chocolate (bear with me). The choccy taste is instead accomomplished with cocoa and sugar, so that you don’t get the sickly sweet, greasy results that chocolate tends to bring with it. If you don’t believe me, get yourself a copy of the book and try it out for yourself…

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  1. […] time to knock up some seasonal Halloween chocolate biscuits (or cookies, if you insist). I first made these last year, adapting a recipe from the Nigella Christmas book. They”re very easy to make and like many […]

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