Vanilla cupcakes + ham-fisted piping skills

These may look like simple cupcakes to the untrained eye, but they were actually my very first attempt at using an icing bag. Made using a wonderfully simple recipe from Kate Shirazi’s Cupcake Magic book (my go-to recipe when I’m in a hurry), this particular batch of vanilla cupcakes was destined for a group of grown-up males at work during my last week there, despite looking suspiciously like they were made for a children’s party. The child-like aesthetics obviously didn’t bother the lads as they put them away faster than you can say Pass the Parcel.

Anyway – back to the enthralling subject of icing bags. After perusing my favourite kitchen catalogue, Lakeland (yes, I have a favourite kitchen catalogue), I was slightly disappointed by the selection of nozzles, as they all seemed to be too small for the effect that I was after. Instead I hot-footed it down to John Lewis and picked up a food piping set containing much larger nozzles which are intended for shaping food such as mashed potato.

Not a bad first attempt – I hope you’ll agree.

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