My bullet-proof oven gloves rock!

Alright, I admit it – they’re not going to stop me from getting shot (a drive-by on my fifth-floor flat’s kitchen window seems unlikely anyway) but they are constructed partially from Kevlar – the material used for making bullet-proof vests and combat helmets. The item in question is the Ove Glove. As the name suggests, it’s a hardcore oven glove that gives you a bit more dexterity than the usual mitten-like affairs.

You can use the glove whether you’re right- or left-handed, but luckily I’m fully tooled up with two that I got for Christmas from my big bruvver and sister-in-law (rest assured, they did get me lots of other presents too). I’ve already used them for getting stuff out of the oven and if the unintentionally hilarious photos on the box are anything to go by, you can also use them for soldering and changing lightbulbs. *unsuccessfully tries to supress a snigger*

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