Retro cakes: Shark attack!

Shark Attack cake
The Retro Cakes section is where I’ll be taking a rose-tinted glance back through the coolest cakes from my childhood, mainly courtesy of my mum, her gargantuan photo collection and a scanner.

This is one that I had for my 12th birthday. Most girls of that age may well have asked for a pony-shaped cake, or perhaps a likeness of Strawberry Shortcake or Barbie. Me? Being a big fan of Jaws, I asked for a gruesome shark attack scene. Some parents might have put their child straight into therapy at such a request, but mum delivered on the somewhat off-kilter cake request. As well as a bloody-jawed shark head poking out of the waves, the cake also had brown sugar for sand, green icing for seaweed and those prawn-shaped penny sweets decorating the shore.

I believe the cake was based on one in Jane Ashers’s Party Cakes book. Sick mind, that Jane Asher has.

Jane Asher's Party Cakes

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4 Responses to “Retro cakes: Shark attack!”

  1. Brilliant! Was that a silver dragee ball for the eye? Inspired.

    My 13th birthday was a white square cake, with a purple drawing of my new bike…plus decorating the edge of the cake were the letters “BSC SVT BSC SVT” and so on. No, I wasn’t declaring my intention of gaining a bachelor of science, nor claiming to have an abnormally-fast heart rate…I just really, *really* liked the Baby Sitters Club and Sweet Valley Twins.

  2. Nice work. I loved SVH – never had a cake with it on though. Now, there’s an idea…

  3. Four-eyed English Genius Says:

    Mainfully? 🙂

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