Star Wars spatulas? Hell yes.

Star Wars spatulasMy brother and sister-in-law came over to visit from the US of A this weekend, bringing with them not one, but two Star Wars spatulas for me! Being a huge nerd and a big fan of the films as well as a keen baker, you can imagine my excitement when I found out that US kitchen store Williams-Sonoma was offering a range of Star Wars goodies.

Star Wars cookies

I’ve already kitted myself out with two sets of cookie cutters and some cupcake kits and using a Jedi mind trick, I managed to convince my brother into purchasing these Darth Vader and Stormtrooper spatulas for me. He did, however, ensure that these were packed into his wife’s luggage on the way over to avoid any ‘imperial entanglements’ (aka the potential embarassment of an airport security officer pulling them out of his bag in front of his fellow passangers).

Bravo, Williams-Sonoma – the force is strong with this one.

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