How to make coloured sugar (and how to get food colouring off your hands)

King CakeA lot of people have been asking me where I got the coloured sugar for my King Cake, so I thought it was about time I replied. I made most of it myself, here’s how:

What you need:
Caster sugar
Paste food colouring

What to do:
Pour the sugar into a bowl. The amount you use depends on the amount of colured sugar you want to make. Obviously. It’s best to use paste food colouring, as it doesn’t add any liquid to the sugar. Add the colour sparingly using a cocktail stick, as it’s much more concentrated that liquid colouring. Start to work it in with a fork, and when you can’t get any further, ditch the fork and combine the rest of the paste by repeatedly crumbling the sugar between your fingertips until the colour is even all over. And there you have it – coloured sugar.

If you end up with food colour all over your hands – here’s a old tip, used by mechanics to get engine grease off their mitts. Put a splodge of washing up liquid in the palm of your hand, then add a bit of caster/granulated sugar. Rub the mixture together in your hands and scrub until the grime is gone. Then just wash off with soap and water.

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