Ms Cupcake opens London’s first vegan cake shop

Ms Cupcake vanilla cupcakeAfter starting out flogging cakes at market stalls just under a year ago, Ms Cupcake has opened her first bricks and mortar bakery which also happens to be London’s very first entirely vegan cake shop. The bakery opened for business on Friday (1 April 2011) and I was lucky enough to be invited along to sample the goods.

Every single concoction sold in the shop is 100% vegan – completely free of eggs, dairy and animal products. Ms Cupcake and her crew also produce gluten-free cakes as well as lines of sugar- and soya-free items. You may well wonder what the hell a cake with no eggs, milk or butter actually contains, but there are plenty of alternatives around like fruit or vegetable puree, various oils and vegetable shortening. As well as cupcakes, the shop will also be selling lots of other baked goodies like cookies, scones and tarts and there’s also a selection of cool homewares. On top of all that, the crew will also be holding regular baking and cake decorating classes.

Ms. Cupcake at Cake Britain

I’ve always been a tad sceptical about vegan baking, being a carnivorous type, but I can honestly say that the vanilla cupcake that I sampled was very tasty indeed with a lovely moist sponge and nicely flavoured icing. I also liked the fact that it was served in a small box. I’ve been to some relatively expensive bakeries that package individual cakes in cheapo cellophane bags, leading to a squishy cake-based disappointment and me making vows never to return.

In short, I was very impressed. Not only with the cakeage, but also with Ms Cupcake’s 1950s housewife style and cake-themed hat!

Ms Cupcake
408 Coldharbour Lane, Brixton, London, SW9 8LF
Open Wed-Sun, 11am-6pm

4 Responses to “Ms Cupcake opens London’s first vegan cake shop”

  1. Definitely going to check Ms Cupcake out. Could be dangerous, considering I live walking-distance away…

  2. […] — my good friend Libby of London Baking went to her store opening the other week, and was equally enthralled with what she found. I have a feeling this is going to be the start of a very dangerous relationship between me and […]

  3. Hi

    Just to let you know that the opening times of Ms. Cupcake in Brixton have changed, the new opening hours are as follows:

    Mon-Tue 11-6
    Wed-Sat 11-7
    Sun 11-5

    Also the contact number for the store is 020 7733 9438

    Much love

    Ms. Cupcake

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