Royal wedding Battenberg cake

Royal wedding battenbergAlong with the Anarchy in the UK cupcakes that I made for my mate’s royal wedding tea party,  I decided to pen a speedy recipe for some regal-themed Battenberg cake. Supposedly, this square-patterned cake was invented in honour of the 1884 marriage of Queen Victoria’s granddaughter to Prince Louis of Battenberg, with the four squares representing the four Battenberg princes.

Battenberg cake

Sporting the patriotic red, white and blue (rather than the cake’s traditional colours of pink and yellow), my attempt tasted surprisingly like the real thing. However, due to a limited amount of time, and a mild hangover, it was a bit of a bodge job (the marzipan was too thick and all of the layers were completely different sizes), so I’ll wait until I’ve made it properly before I post a recipe. Stay tuned.

Royal wedding tea party leftovers

Royal wedding cakes

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