London Baking – Big in Japan

Japanese snacksI was recently lucky enough to be taken on a work trip to Tokyo for a week by the nice folk at Sony. Along with a busy week of checking out the latest TV tech at Sony HQ, we also managed to find time to stuff our faces with plenty of Japanese food. As you can see from the photo above, I managed to build up a sizeable snack haul to bring back to Blighty.

Aside from the standard Pocky, matcha powder and Panda-shaped biscuits, the highlight for me was the ludicrous selection of weird Kit Kat flavours including green tea and cherry blossom. My personal favourite was the wasabi flavour – they’ll definitely be a white chocolate and wasabi-based recipe on London Baking in the near future. Other highlights included…

…The ninja star shaped crackers at the ninja restaurant, where you get served by ninjas. (Despite it being our first night in the Far East, we instigated a drinking game where everyone had to take a swig every time the word ‘ninja’ was spoken. Such fun)…

Ninja star biscuits

Stumbling across a fantastic bakery at Shibuya station following a wander round Harajuku and Tower Records with Kat

Shibuya station bakery

…this is just one of the snacks I bought there, a custard-filled pastry thingy…

Japanese cake

…a night in Bauhaus (possibly the best bar in the world) – that’s me with the Strat on the left…


…and of course, the purchasing of a Totoro toy…

Totoro toy

Bauhaus image: Kat Hannaford

3 Responses to “London Baking – Big in Japan”

  1. Aaah Totoro……

  2. […] I’ve previously only made Star Wars shortbread with my embarrassingly¬†extensive collection of Star Wars cutters, so it was time for a change – courtesy of a bag of matcha (green tea) powder that I bought on a recent trip to Japan. […]

  3. Aren’t the Kitkat flavours awesome? My favourites were the Wasabi, the citrus and the Blueberry. Some of the baking treats available were amazing, such as the Momiji Manju’ cake/biscuit, a Hiroshima local delicacy.

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