To paraphrase Mick Jagger, please allow me to introduce myself, I’m a woman of little wealth and lots of taste.  By day, I’m a London-based freelance journalist.

By night, I’m a secret amateur baker. One of the main reasons that I started this site was to spare my Facebook friends and Twitter followers from the barrage of photos of Things That I Have Baked. While members of my immediate family and my more kitchen-savvy mates probably love to hear about my culinary adventures, I’ve no doubt that many of my pals find these cookery updates tedious beyond belief. Now, they can rest assured that any cookery updates will appear on my blog rather than clogging up their precious news feed.

The other reason that I started London Baking is the fact that there aren’t very many cookery blogs around that I actually like, with a few notable exceptions (step forward, Bake and Destroy). Although we all like a good cupcake, the current craze for all things pink and flowery is getting a bit twee for my liking. My blog is designed to offer a London-tinged insight into my love of cooking as well as the origins and techniques behind some of my favourite recipes, without boring you to tears by banging on about pink cupcakes*, morning, noon and night.

In short, I like to cook and I have a penchant for retro, rum and rock ‘n’ roll, rather than flowers, doilies and all things girly.

So if like me, you’re more Morrissey than Mary Berry, more Dead Weather than Delia, or more Clash than Cath Kidston then welcome to London Baking – the cookery blog that goes up to 11

* I will sometimes write about cupcakes. But they won’t be pink. Well, not always…

Thanks for reading,

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8 Responses to “About”

  1. Such a good idea for a blog Libby! Can’t wait to see all your culinary creations and even try out a few of your recipes myself. Though my hand is nowhere near as deft with a piping bag as yours appears to be…!

  2. Ollie Woods Says:

    Good luck with the venture Libby. Great idea! XX

  3. Thanks chaps and chapesses

  4. Claire Says:

    Hi Libby,

    I am contacting you on behalf of one of the UK’s largest baking ingredients manufacturers. We love your blog and would like to invite you to an exclusive launch event to be held in London on Thursday 16th June.

    We would like to send you an invitation via email with further information, however I am not sure how to contact you best.

    If you are interested in coming along and would like to find out more please can you email me?


  5. Holly Says:

    Fab blog! Very very nice b/ground too!

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