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Retro Cakes: South African Prinsevlag


I haven’t posted anything under the Retro Cakes banner for a while, so I thought it was about time I sorted it out. Making my Rooibos tea cupcakes last week reminded me of a cake that my mum made in the 80s when the relatives came over to visit from South Africa. It features the […]

Retro Cakes: Jem and the Holograms


The Retro Cakes section is where I get all nostalgic and start leafing through photos of cakes from ‘the olden days’ (mostly the 1980s). Jem and the Holograms was one of my favourite cartoons and I also had a sizeable collection of Jem dolls (in fact, I still have them, craftily stashed at my parents’ […]

Retro cakes: Shark attack!


The Retro Cakes section is where I’ll be taking a rose-tinted glance back through the coolest cakes from my childhood, mainly courtesy of my mum, her gargantuan photo collection and a scanner. This is one that I had for my 12th birthday. Most girls of that age may well have asked for a pony-shaped cake, […]

Retro Cakes: A Batman birthday


In the Retro Cakes section I’ll be taking a nostalgic walk down memory lane and posting pics of the best cakes from back in the day, largely courtesy of my mum. For my brother’s 12th birthday, my mum knocked up this Batman cake as it was around the time that Tim Burton’s Batman film was […]

Dan Lepard’s almond layer cake with crushed raspberries


It was my birthday over the bank holiday weekend and I was hosting the celebrations as usual, so it was up to me to make my own birthday cake. Sad, but true. Obviously I could’ve opted for a novelty cake like the ones my mum used to make, but instead I stuck to a very […]



To paraphrase Mick Jagger, please allow me to introduce myself, I’m a woman of little wealth and lots of taste.  By day, I’m a London-based freelance journalist. By night, I’m a secret amateur baker. One of the main reasons that I started this site was to spare my Facebook friends and Twitter followers from the […]