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Pop Art Halloween Brownies

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Pop Art Halloween Brownies

It’s nearly Halloween! Like any other time of year on London Baking, that means tenuously themed baked goods. This cakey creation is based on my usual brownie recipe with a colourful twist.

Without wishing to sound too much like an utter ponce, the colours of the toppings were in fact inspired by a painting (pretentious? Moi?). The piece of art in question is Andy Warhol’s witch print which I saw up close and personal on a recent visit to Dulwich Picture Gallery.

Andy Warhol witch

I really can’t be arsed to write out the recipe again, so I’ll just link to my Judge Fudge Brownie recipe – it’s exactly the same, just without the fudge. For the pop art topping, read on…

What you’ll need:
200g white chocolate
Food colouring

Pop Art Halloween Brownies

What to do:
Firstly decide how many colours you want to use (or you can can just use the choc in its natural white state). I wanted three colours, so I divided the bar into three. So far, so easy. For each colour, you need to break up the chocolate into pieces and drop into a bain-marie (that’s a heatproof bowl over a saucepan of simmering water, to you and me).

Once the chocolate is melted, you can add as much colouring as you like. The laws of chemistry mean that a water-based colour won’t mix with the chocolate very well. I used gel colours, but to get the best shades, tinting powder is probably the most effective.

Pop Art Halloween Brownies

Once you’ve got your chosen shade, simply get a dollop of chocolate on a large spoon and drizzle over the cake. Obviously you’ll need to repeat this as many times as you’ve got colours. Once it’s completely set (bung it in the fridge to speed things up), cut into slices and scoff.