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Christmas cake, Caribbean-style

Posted in Cakes, Caribbean food with tags , , , , , , , on 29/12/2010 by libbyplummer

When my good pal who is also a top-notch designer knocked up the London Baking logo for me, I was certainly hoping for mates’ rates when it came to payment but my chum went one step better. His fee? One fruit cake. He obvisouly had an encouraging amount of confidence in my cooking abilities, hopefully based on the confections that I’ve brought into the office in the past, rather than a sense of politeness.

After poring over my collection of cookbooks for far too long, I eventually decided that a Levi Roots’ Caribbean Christmas Cake from his Caribbean Food Made Easy book would fit the bill perfectly. As well as the obvious fruit content, this boozy concoction also contains just over half a bottle of dark rum – always a good sign.

While many people aren’t fans of the often-dry traditional fruit cake that’s inflicted on them every year around this time (me included), this Caribbean version is a different affair altogether. As well as enough rum to sedate even the hardiest of drinkers, the cake boasts a light sponge and a glazed fruit and nut topping, rather than the sickly fondant icing.

I delivered the cake (via the pub) just before Christmas and I’m reliably informed that it was almost entirely gone by Christmas Eve, which is certainly a stamp of approval in my book.

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