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Belated Merry Christmas biscuits

Posted in Biscuits, Seasonal food with tags , , , , , on 27/12/2010 by libbyplummer

Using the same Nigella Lawson recipe that I used for my Halloween biscuits, I knocked up this batch of choc treats for my mate’s Christmas get-together. The recipe is from Nigella’s Christmas book and, as I mentioned in my previous post, the choctastic taste is accomplished not with chocolate, but just with cocoa and sugar. Don’t knock it until you’ve tried it.

Doing my best to inject as much festive spirit into proceedings as possible, I even used my new Gingerbread Man spatula, procured from Martha Stewart’s range in Macy’s on a recent Thanksgiving trip to the USA. (The TSA must have been in stitches when they searched my suitcase to find the aforementioned spatula along with two sets of Star Wars-themed cookie cutters, and a vast selection of patterned cupcake cakes and sprinkles). For the record, I have an embarrassingly extensive collection of seasonal spatulas. I am seeking help.