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Ghirardelli choc chip shortbread

Posted in American food, Biscuits, Scottish food with tags , , , , , on 08/11/2010 by libbyplummer

Over here in the UK a lot of people think that the chocolate in the USA is terrible, and in some cases I have to agree.

Although on occasion I can be somewhat partial to the synthetically tasting stodge that is Hershey’s chocolate, I can fully understand why choc conosseurs turn their noses up at it. For those people, I would point them towards San Francisco-based choc company Ghirardelli.

On a recent holiday to San Francisco, I tried (and failed miserably) to contain my excitement on entering the well-stocked chocolate shop at Ghiradelli Square – the original site of the brand’s factory. Packed floor to ceiling with goodies, some that I had seen before elsewhere in the US, and some which seemed to be exclusive to the shop, I walked around in a daze for an embarassingly long amount of time, trying to decide what to buy. In the end I opted for an entire basket-full of treats including (but certainly not limited to) a pack of baking chips.

I decided to try them out using the choc chip shortbread recipe from Kate Shirazi’s Cookie Magic book. The results were very tasty, and extremely easy to make. I’ve still got half a bag of choc chips left over for which I must decide on a new recipe, as I can’t help but snaffle one every time I open the fridge door…