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Whoopie pies for St Patrick’s Day

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St Patrick's Day Whoopies PiesI’m not even remotely Irish, but any excuse to drink large amounts of Guinness and eat green-coloured cakes and I’m interested. Who cares about preposterous leprechaun-based stereotyping when you’ve got bright green icing? Not I. That’s why I decided to make my very first batch of Whoopie Pies, with obligatory green colouring, in celebration of St Patrick, whoever the hell he was.

St Patrick's Day Whoopie Pie

I used the basic chocolate pie recipe from the Whoopie Pies book by Sarah Billingsley and Amy Treadwell (last year’s birthday pressie from my aunt and uncle), and filled them with vanilla buttercream (coloured green, natch). It may be a tenuous link, but here’s a fantastic pic of aging Irish hellraisers Richard Harris and Peter O’Toole enjoying a sedate afternoon tea and probably trying to reminisce on a hedonistic past that neither of them can actually remember. I like to think that these green-tinged cakes would make the perfect addition to an Irish ex-boozers’ tea party. If you happen to be catering for one.  Cheers!

Richard Harris and Peter O'Toole taking tea

Harris and O’Toole in their hellraising prime:

Richard Harris and Peter O'Toole