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Chocolate Zombie Bunny

Posted in American food, Baking, Gifts with tags , , , , , on 14/04/2011 by libbyplummer

Chocolate Zombie Bunny in basketLike the Canned Unicorn Meat and the Tauntaun Sleeping Bag that came before it, the Chocolate Zombie Bunny is the latest April Fool gag to become a reality from the pranksters over at ThinkGeek.

A perfect Easter treat for zombie movie fans, unhinged relatives or those that are simply bored of the annual Cadbury’s Creme Egg-fest, the edible rabbit is crafted from 8oz of solid white chocolate and is dyed green for an appetizing undead look.

Chocolate Zombie Bunny
You can order your Chocolate Zombie Bunny now for $14.99. ThinkGeek will also ship outside of the US, but prepare to get stung for postage and packing.

(Update: It’s currently out of stock, but new supplies are due on 15/04/11).